Gardening centre advice/suggestion

Any lower income gardening enthusiasts out there?

I'm looking for recommendations for a slightly more downmarket garden centre than the obvious local ones at ally pally and the sunshine centre at durnsford rd - both seem very over-priced.

Maybe within 10 miles?


  • Glebe nursery on Forty Hill is very cheap and good quality. The Clock House nursery next door has a wider range and more of a traditional garden centre and is also reasonable.
  • I've taken to buying seeds online and growing from scratch - definitely the cheapest way, and I find it very rewarding.
  • Crews Hill and if you want cheap seeds that work try
  • head over to Columbia Road flower market on a sunday morning
  • Ugghhh. Not Columbia Rd, unless you get there at 7am. It's unpleasantly busy nowadays with people queueing up to Instagram the peonies and hydrangeas and completely jamming the thoroughfare.
    I second Crews Hill, all the garden centres are just a few minutes walk from the station.
  • You can still get a nice crab meat bagel at Columbia Road though.
  • its been pretty quiet over the summer - if you're there before 10am still plenty of room to wander, buy and haggle. still my favourite first thing sunday morning thing to do
  • I go to New Covent Garden every other week for cut flowers and florist supplies for work. It is fantastic and because it's a wholesale market which closes by 9.30am is mercifully almost free of instagrammers.
    It is not amazing for any kind of flowering plants to replant in your garden, that's not really what they are set up for, but is excellent for houseplants, and large green plants - palms, monstera etc.
    The new location is just not as good as the previous site (now the American Embassy's patch), fewer suppliers and more difficult to get to on foot from the Tube.
  • Ah there is a really cheap one near Pentonville Prison! It's shut now and only opens in the spring to summer season :( ! It's on the intersection of Mackenzie and Caledonian Rds. -> the guys are open for bartering as well if you catch the right one, but I managed to bag 4 Lavender plants (relatively mature, not tiny) for £10.
  • They open in December too for Christmas trees and festive whatnots.
  • I often look at that one going up and down the Cally in buses or car. I will have to stop off and visit properly some time.
  • It's pretty decent, if not rough around the edges, better quality plants that have all taken in my guerrilla gardening efforts - better than the more pricey Ally Pally G'dening centre
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