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VERY LOCAL HONEY at the market this Sunday

10-2:30 Stroud Green School, opposite the fullback,

Hi everyone,

there is a high summer surprise at the market this week: very local honey produced within a mile of the School. Soner Golbas has two hives, the nearest one in his back garden just off the blackstock road. This will be his first market; and since our own Parkland walk beekeeper moved out of London this is the most local honey available commercially to Stroud Green residents.

Boring but important, a note on the fascinating subject of bins. Mr Briggs the bugman has conscientiously arranged for three little wheelie bins to be put out each week, all clearly labelled according to the different kinds of rubbish they should take. (1) waste (2) recycling and (3) food waste/compostable packaging. Now, the third of these should be easily the fullest by the end of the day because almost every single hot food & drink stall uses bio serving material, whether it’s the kaffee culture cups or the paper bags used by the pie stall. Hot food and meat etc is also fine to be thrown in: this isn’t home composting but the council’s commercial facility so you can use it in the same way as you would the brown food waste caddies at home. Most other things (glass/cardboard etc) are recyclable, which means there shouldn’t be very much left for landfill at the end of the day. If you’re unsure about anything - or you notice that any one of the bins is full - just ask Alan B. He loves talking about rubbish…

Finally, and just for fun, here is a list of all the fruit we expect to find at the Perry Court farm stall this Sunday. As the year rolls on the early autumn produce suddenly appears alongside the summer berries making for a glorious mixture of colours and flavours: strawberries, raspberries, cherries, redcurrants, blackcurrants, apricots, plums, discovery apples, blackberries, gooseberries, blueberries, mangoes and passionfruit. (Actually I’m not sure about those last two but all the others are real.)

See you soon,



New Stall

Islington Honey (from two hives in N5)


Dynamic Organics (“biodynamic” veggies & salads from a small Cambridgeshire farm)

Pie Station (meat/sweet pies, sausages rolls, quiches & crumbles) 

Perry Court farm (Kentish fruit, veg & juice)

Marsh produce (fresh meat, poultry, game, eggs, cheese & preserves)

Bread by Bike (local sourdough)

Marco’s Italian Cheeses & cured meat (direct from the producers) 

Stroud Green Good Life (raw & organic dairy produce, eggs, cider vinegar, Italian olive oil, honey, juice) 

Floris Bakery (Sweet & savoury free-from bakery)

Mario’s Artisan Bakings (European/South American delicacies made my hand using organic ingredients)

Une Normande a Londres (French cheese and regional specialities)

Cedric le Blais (fine olive oil and vinegars from France and beyond)

Mokaya Brownies (hand made & award-winning using fine dark chocolate)

Hot Food

Pie Station (Alan’s hot pies and sausage rolls are legendary!)

Fooska (fresh Bangladeshi street food) 

Dinh-Dins Viet Kitchen (Bánh Mì, Summer Rolls & other street staples)

Holy Pizza (Neapolitan-style, fresh & hot)

Big Doggs (NYC-style Hot Dog trailer using best quality sausages & home made toppings)

Chok Shop (fresh rice noodles with Cambodian curried soups)


The big EJB (freshly pressed juice using Perry Court’s fruit & veg)

Brevevita (natural wines from Marche/Abruzzo) 

Kaffee Culture (London coffee roasters and baristas) 

Plants, skincare, crafts, bikes etc

Briggs’ Bughouses (“green roof” insect sanctuaries & succulents) 

Innoscents Candles (hand made from 100% soy wax)

Weatherstone remedies (hand-made organic skin care and natural remedies)

Hide Takemoto (live guitar)


Oddly Beer (brewed with crafty oddity in Tottenham)

Back soon

The Koji Fermentaria (traditional Japanese street pickles and street food) next week

Creperie Dellys (authentic sweet/savoury Breton crepes) next week

Shumei Natural Agriculture (organic veg and other natural products) next week

London Bike Studio (bike service & advice) next week

Golden T (fresh hot tea, iced tea, & loose-leaf teas by weight) next week

Timothy Charge Honey (from Tottenham marshes and Upshire) next week

Pachara (healthy Thai fast food, locally sourced) next week

Luke’s cider (small batch cider & perry by Luke Mccoy & other producers) next week

Twisted Kombucha September

Zeytoon Olive bar (also with fresh feta cheese and hand-made baklava) 

Bea Rodgers (English plants, pots, accessories and advice for inside or outside) September 8th

Old Chapel Fudge Company (trad hand-made all-butter tablet) September

PAO Pickles (kimchi, sauerkraut and hot pickles, hand-made in Hackney) September: kimchi available at Lucy’s stall

Echo Leaf Print (home made scarves and cushions hand printed with plant-based dyes) September

Sabine Gerth (hand-made leather accessories)
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