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Solar Together group solar panel purchasing


Islington launched a scheme to aggregate people who were interested in getting solar panels for their homes so that they could buy in bulk. After registration, when the number of interested buyers is known, they will solicit bids from interested installers, and contract with one of them to install solar panels at a fixed price (I imagine much cheaper than if done piecemeal). I think it's a good idea, and have signed up. They provide a "friends and family" email to send on to others, which I have pasted below. Registration closes on the 22nd.

It looks like there is a Haringay option too, as it refers to homeowners across London.


I've recently registered for Solar Together London: an innovative new scheme for residents, offering high-quality solar panels at a competitive price.

The scheme brings London residents and local government together, to have stronger negotiating power during the auction, which takes place next week on 22 October!

All homeowners across London can register and I would like to invite you to join as well. The more people register, the more likely we are to obtain a good deal during the auction! Registration is free and without obligation.
Click here to register

How does it work?

Solar Together London uses the power of collective bargaining. This works when a group of people registers their interest and the purchasing power of that group is taken to an auction to achieve the best price.

Solar Together London in five easy steps:

Sign up for free and without obligation, by providing us with your personal details and information about your roof and home.
An auction takes place on 22 October and the installer who makes the best bid will get to offer you a complete solar PV installation.
You will receive a personal recommendation from 11 November onwards.
You decide if you want to take up the offer. If you accept, the installer will take care of the solar PV installation on your roof.
After the installation is completed, you will start saving money on your electricity bill by generating your own green energy.

Do you have any questions?

Find the answers in our frequently asked questions ( or get in touch with us via the contact form (


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