Wood planks needed

Hello all
Does anyone have a couple of thin wood planks at least 56cm long lying about I can have? The back of our kitchen cupboard has separated from the frame, leaning a space for mice, and I want to fix it. I’m tired of cleaning unsanitary mouse droppings from my plates and food containers. Thanks in advance.


  • @therattle Surely it's better to get rid of the mice? Plenty of reusable and humane mousetraps available on amazon.com for just a few quid.
  • Or in the hardware shop just down the road from the Mind shop
  • Hi Scruffy. I can't get to the mice (except when they get into the cupboard), and I don't want to kill them. Capturing and rehoming them often results in their death anyway. I am Ok with just keeping them out of my food cupboard.
    The hardware shop doesn't sell wood, as far as I am aware. I was in there yesterday (although as I wasn't specifically looking for wood I may have missed it). I don't mind paying, it's just that there isn't anywhere very local that sells it.
  • Surprisingly Homebase Green Lanes has a pretty good section
  • Thanks Luke. I thought of that but it's a little bit out of the way, albeit not very. I'll pop over when I have the chance.
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