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Floor laying/sanding and decorating

I’ve just had the wooden floorboards of the entire ground floor of the house stripped and polished. Upstairs, I had engineered oak floorboards laid (to match the loft conversion we had done previously). Andy, who did the work, has done a cracking job and I’m happy to recommend him to anyone wanting to do similar. His mobile number is 07966 434650

Andy’s son, Adam, then painted practically the entire house. Again, I’m happy to recommend him for similar work. His mobile number is 07816 583958

Once the carpets were taken up in the lounge, the cold draught from the cellar was much more noticeable. Therefore, I had the underside of the floor sprayed (from the cellar) with foam insulation. It’s made a huge difference to the feel of the house, and I’m hoping my gas bill. The total cost of the floor sanding AND the insulation was very favourable compared to the cost of a quality carpet. If anyone is thinking of doing the same I have some £100 discount vouchers, if you’re interested send me a DM.

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