• I'm posting this as it looks like the roof has collapsed on one of them now. It's a shame to have such nice houses pretty much abandoned - I've heard that the council is buying up tons of property to turn into social housing, so that might be a delay? It would be great if a family could move in a renovate it too - imagine the project!
  • It worries me that the one with the collapsed roof will have to be demolished. It needs to be dealt with soon to prevent further damage.
  • Ditto, I could see that as justification to create a block of flats across both plots
  • A few months ago the council had a notice requesting the owners to get in touch with recent survey or they would send in council surveyors. Not long after that workmen arrived and took down part of the roof.

    So sad.
  • Is there any way the owners can be forced into sorting it out? Surely the council know who the owners are.
  • I live a few houses along so have been really hoping so.

    I guess there may be legal wrangling over responsibilities? The family had no insurance and it was blown up before bailiffs were able to fully reclaim it. I dont know where that leaves ownership legally ?

    What a tragic and sorry mess, should never have been allowed to happen. It was well known the uncle who lived as a hermit in the basement was mentally ill. Disgusting bailiffs turned up as they did to evict, it clearly must have been terrifying for him and not going to end well, him unsupported in that situation.
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