Gavin and Stacey

Does anyone find this remotely funny?


  • No, it's a suburban thing.
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    What do you mean 'suburban'? Do you mean 'the poor taste and maleducated humour of suburbanites'? Does that mean not us?
  • Lots of suburban people live in Stroud green, hence the gentrification. The suburbs produced great 70s music. There are good and bad things about suburbia. Ballard lived there and liked it but also critqued it.
  • What has JG Ballard and gentrification got to do with what's on TV? I have read and enjoyed JG Ballard. He has something to say. G&S filled me with gloom after an otherwise good CD. But then, it is what it is. It could have been actually.....funny.
  • I was using suburban as an adjective. Chill KRS. I was explaining my use of it. I'm not always right. Have a lovely evening.

  • I am. You too. What shall we argue about next #/-) ?
  • Krappy flaunts his urban credentials by using G&S to mean anything other than Gilbert & Sullivan.
  • Yes, its a nice show with good intentions that is very easy to watch. Obviously not for all, but that's normal.

    For example, Star Wars gets a 6 out of 10 from me, and i can't name half the characters or recite lines from any of the films which appears to be the norm in most social situations.
  • Having sobered up from the Neck Oil, Pinot Noir, Islay whisky and mince pies on Wednesday I did watch the new episode on Boxing Day, and I was caught laughing four times. I hadn't appreciated it was the kind of show where you have to understand the 'well loved' catchphrases "Tidy", "What's Occurring", "Well Lush" etc or references to fishing. I never watched any of the original series in 2007. Thank God for the Internet.

    I've never watched much TV. I'm still catching up on Minder. I understand about the pleasure and anticipation of the standing joke though. I'm going to the panto on Saturday.

    Must stay in more (and watch TV). Happy New Year.
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