Stroud Green, 2030

So, it's 2020. Happy New Year, guys!

The last ten years went by in a flash. So what will SGR look like in ten years - 2030? Serious suggestions please - no hoverboards, anti-gravity suits etc.

I personally think that capitalism will be broken, neoliberalism will be on it's back foot, socialism will be a busted flush, the climate emergency will be in our porches, social and economic strife will be paramount, but not between the Eton-educated and the rest, between the haves and the have-nots, but between the properly-informed and the dumb fucks.

Stroud Green may be OK because of its diversity, inclusivity, small businesses and non-corporate vibe. Maybe.

The wig shops will be run by Vergin as whites-only emporia, meat-eating will be frowned on and Peteks will have Meat Mondays and occasional Offal Weekends, the White Lion will have beer on tap for vouchers only and the Albanians will be licensed to sell cocaine at Stroud Green vegan market.

I wont be here to see it.


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