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    So they want more money spent on the parks and also less money generated by the parks?

    Strong financial planning idea
  • Parks are public services. They are not supposed to make money and to have to cover their costs.
  • I think the spirit of it, is that all the parks need more money invested in them - I'd agree that the events (like in Finsbury Park) need to happen otherwise the money won't be generated.

    I think we can all agree the council needs to make cash to reinvest - I guess it's just managing those events better - and we all disagree about how to do that!

    At the end of the day, a few annoying events in summer = new things in the park which wouldn't be there otherwise. i.e. refurbished tennis courts, more staff and (fingers crossed) cctv and less crime. We simply wouldn't have any of that.
  • open ended question... the events happen over the summer and money is spent on the park but, other parks, clissold for example, doesn't have massive events and seem to have equal investment. Different councils, I know - just wondering what peoples theories were for that discrepancy?
  • I can answer that pretty quickly, - Hackney is vastly richer. They have higher incomes from businesses and council taxes. The same story for Camden. Haringey and Enfield are pretty poor relatively.
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