BPAS protests on Upper Tollington Park

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I am slack-jawed in horror that this is happening here on Upper Tollington Park. My other half has suggested we arm the houses that these awful people are standing infront of with air horns, so they can stand in their own gardens, sound the horns and send these people packing...I am also keen to find out how I can help escort any women who need to use the service - has anyone got any contacts with the local BPAS?



  • Religious nutters.
    I wish I knew about it when it was happening. I could have popped over to persuade them to go away.
  • BPAS have said they don't encourage counter protests (tempting though it might be), they're asking people to write to their MPs to call for buffer zones.

    You could also become a Friend of BPAS or get involved with Sister Supporter https://www.sistersupporter.co.uk/
  • So we should just stay still while they scare women in front of everyone? Next time they try that more than happy to show up there and see what they have to say and if they still want to play the tough guys.
  • I'm sure BPAS don't encourage counter protests...but that's not to say its not useful to sometimes show displeasure
  • I'm collecting a few buckets of filthy rain water for the next protest
  • I didn't know that this was a BPAS building until about 2012 after nearly two decades living in SG. The sad shower who want to prevent women's health deserve an exclusion zone. What a bunch of low life. Perhaps they should put their energy into chasing rapists and violent thugs but it's easy to prey on women who are trying to control their bodies. Scum of the highest order.
  • I am very late commenting on this issue but I agree with Helen, if this ever happens again, I think a good response would be for local residents to simply swarm BPAS - not protest - and escort women in and out. We'd need numbers for this to work safely. I can't think of anything worse than having had an abortion or other procedure to have to walk out alone amongst the crazies. Hopefully won't be needed, but that's what I'll be doing if it does happen again...
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