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Best Secondary Schools

Hi everyone, out of curiousity (and the long-term) what are the best Secondary Schools (where pupils are accepted from our area)? I've also heard it's best to apply within the Borough, for best odds (Haringey).


  • Lots of good schools around here and worth visiting each properly when they're back open (expect to visit 5-6 to get a good perspective). I don't think applying within borough does confer any extra benefit - because of borough boundaries, distance to school gate is more important and that can easily be across boundaries. My girls both went to Highbury Fields School which was excellent for both. From Stroud Green Primary the kids in their classes also went to Parliament Hill, William Ellis, Hornsey Girls, Skinners, IAMs, Stoke Newington, Camden School for Girls and many really its all about looking around, finding what might best fit your kid and then being clear about your first choice. Often you can end up on a waiting list, but depending on cohort numbers, you can often still end up with a place at the school of your choice. But you need to judge the risk of waiting list versus certainty and what is right for you. We are very lucky in London - most of our schools are very good
  • We have no complaints about Skinner's. Very happy with what is offered and it a nice bike ride through the park to get there and back
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    edited March 21
    I don't understand why the schools on the area are considered good. If you look at Camden School for Girls (a state comprehensive) it has 94% passes of 5x GCSEs at A to C. The schools near here are c. 60%. I don't consider a C in English or Maths a particularly high standard. No doubt I will be told they are happy kids and exam results are not everything but 40% of kids not passing basic exams scares me.
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    edited March 21
    .....and I have just worked out that Highbury Fields is girls only......why are there so many state girls schools and no equivalent for boys or better still make them mixed?
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