Common Ground Cafe needs your help to stay open!

I love their coffee... You get rewards for donating to their crowdfunder


  • Looks a nice place but they did not take cash
  • Is there any security net for funds pledged to support these businesses or is it just a gamble as to whether they make it out the other side? I would support many, and encourage many to seek support if there was some sort of safeguard. If there isn't, i simply can't afford it.
  • Gamble. You are buying up front with no guarantee of delivery of goods or services. Think of it maybe as a donation with a potential reward in the future
  • Definitely a gamble. I made a small donation so if it doesn't reopen I won't feel too aggrieved. Feel like it's worth being optimistic and trying to help them get through this but completely understandable if that feels like too big a risk to take.
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    Hi All,

    I'm one of the owners of Common Ground. JuliaC, thanks so much for posting this, we're so grateful when our customers and the community spread the word about our Crowdfunder.

    The annoucement yesterday by the government that they are going to offer 100% government backed loans: is the way we'll go if we don't raise enough money via the Crowdfunder. As a relatively newly opened business (2 years seems to be new in the world of loans and credit checks) we were struggling to secure a business loan via the other methods- the banks were being incredibly slow and unhelpful! In reality we will almost certainly need a loan aswell, if we have to reopen in a fully socially distanced way for several months, which would really hit our revenue. So not so much a gamble to pledge for one of our pay forward rewards- coffee, brunch, venue hire etc- now thank goodness.

    Finally I just wanted to say we went cash free after being burgled 4 times. Since we have, and put signs up to say there is no cash on site, there has not been another break in. Most customers don't seem to mind

    Stay safe all and thanks very much for your pledges. Very much appreciated. And spread the word! We're at 70% and can nearly see the finish line,

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