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Phone Theft!!

This afternoon had my phone stolen out my hand, Just down the road from Harringay station (Stapleton Hall Road), My phone vibrated as i was walking down from the station and i pulled it out for about 5-10 seconds!! to check it and next second a youth on a bike from behind snatched it out my hand. He was in a grey tracksuit with his hood up and had a blue medical face mask on, Very disappointed that at such times we have such people roaming around the streets and doing such scummy techniques. Definitively learned a lesson about keeping belongings in pockets until at home!, I tried to give chase but its down hill and the quick surprise of the phone leaving my hand left me stood for shock rather then active chasing until it was too late. Just stay alert and safe is the only recommendation i can say!. Phone is worth about £80 ish brand new so hope he has fun selling it (Had cracked screen), It was password protected also (reported to my phone provider) and my contract runs out before end of this month. Could have been worse for me, But just stay alert as when i walked from Station i did not register anybody on a bike or dodgy looking at the time and was roughly 5-10 seconds after taking out my phone out pocket it left my hands.

Best Wishes.


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