Local bike shops open during Covid-19 lockdown

Any folk have any idea which bike shops are still open at moment? Saw on Finsbury Park cycles Facebook page that they are open only by appointment. I normally use Clever Mikes but they are closed at moment.


  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    Micycle on Ferme Park Road is open
  • Clever Mike's are by appointment. I've tried most shops and they've been the best by far.
    On the subject of bikes, anyone got experience of using a local business to purchase a bike?
  • I bought mine from micycle and am very happy with it and the service I have received from them, I am not a serious cyclist though.
  • Dude at Micycle said they didn't sell bikes...
  • two wheels good in stoke newington is great, also sell bikes. Open 9-2.
  • Maybe they aren't selling bikes right now but my wife and I both bought our bikes from micycle. (I bought mine first and she got envious and copied me)
  • Yeh, sorry wasn't intended as a dig, just asked him as we were looking ourselves - went to fin park cycles in the end, but the quality of the 400£ bike we got is questionable. If you're ok going a bit further, east central cycles in clerkenwell know what they're doing and sell very good quality bikes.
  • The French sports chain Decathlon has UK shops; you can buy online and they will deliver. In our experience (including for bikes), they are great value, but you don't get the chance to go for a test ride.
  • In the end today I discovered Bikeztube, 118 Junction Road, halfway between Archway and Tufnell Park. V friendly and helpful, and had the parts I was looking for. Not entirely sure of their opening hours but they are open as normal at moment, albeit with only one customer at a time allowed in shop.
  • Huge queue outside micycle yesterday
  • Likewise with Finsbury Cycles yesterday. People ahead buying bikes, so a long wait - I aborted. They weren't open last Sunday when I tried to visit despite what the website says.
  • Saw that Clever Mike's are open again.
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