Changes II



  • The best post ever was when someone threatened to ring their defamation lawyer over a random sarcastic comment.

    Talking of changes Brave Sir Robin has definitely found it's groove now they've stopped the ridiculous table service policy and in my sacrilegious opinion have a better beer selection than Small Beer.

    Does anyone know what's happening to The Old Dairy site?
  • While Whatsapp groups might work for some situations, they're not really the same thing as this forum. Anyone with any local interest can sign up here and have their say, in what is essentially a public discussion. Whatsapp can't do that.

    Plus, posting a message here doesn't require giving every number in your phone to Facebook (OK, "Meta") which is a prerequisite for using Whatsapp, so that's a bonus.
  • @fwiw, that's true. I don't want this forum to go away!
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