• Thanks for the update. Interesting how close it will be to the other one (which is nearly always busy).
  • I don't think I have an objection. My one question is where loading trucks would be, and if they would block the road which is used by buses.
  • I think that building has a full drive internal garage thing.
  • Seriously, a second Lidl. Why can’t we have a waitrose or something that isn’t in the aera yet.
  • It's dividing opinions for sure, I'm happy just having a fishmongers or baker's actually, there are enough Lidls and other chain shops around
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    The building does have an entry for delivery vehicles in Morris Place, but I think it’s going to be too low for the typical delivery lorry.

    SG probably does not have the demographic desirable to Waitrose. Ye olde butchers and bakers and candlestick makers can hardly compete with the likes of Lidl and Tesco, and it will no doubt get even harder for them in years to come.
  • No Waitrose, but a bakery and possibly fish mongers yes - if the rents were reasonable they would come - the line for bread at the Sunday Market, or outside the fishmongers in Crouch end attest to that.

    In fact someone told me today that the Sunday Market has been propping up bread by bike during lockdown as their shops have been relatively empty.

    I think we play down our area. I don't want Waitrose, but equally I don't want Lidl.
  • There used to be a Mauritian fishmonger where the kebab shop down the road from Tescos is and there have been several attempts at bakeries over the years but I guess they couldn't compete with Tescos although they might now as folks seem to have got the habit of going to specialist shops again. I guess to an extent the market is filling these gaps
  • Then there's the proposed M&S food coming to the new development/new exit side of the station, if it's still going ahead with opening. So choice for everyone....
  • It's a very big space for a bakery or fishmonger. Realistically, only a chain was going to be able to fill it, unless the bakery was the bakery for a bigger operation and they did all the baking at the FP site.
  • AliAli
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    I wonder how long the pokey little Sainsbury shop will last?
  • Haha, the small Sainsbury's is literally the worst shop I've ever been imho
  • I’m curious why does everyone hate the little Sainsbury’s so much? Maybe I’m conditioned because I used to live above one that was identical and learned to love it. Sure it’s a bit more expensive than Lidl or Tesco but also had some nicer stuff. I find it pretty well stocked. The ciabatta bread is amazing. There is a good drinks selection for the shop’s size.

    What am I missing?
  • It's never got what I want and it smells funny
  • Those, plus at night it was always full of slightly scary people. Normal people too, but you know what I mean.
  • The old M&S on Holloway Road is going to be a Lidl.
  • Anyone know what happened to Lidl in Morris place? Is it still going ahead?
  • Comming soon according to the signage. Good bye Sainsbury's I wouldn't have thought
  • All of these people saying they would like a baker's there- well there now is a baker's on the opposite corner, next to the carwash, doing Turkish bakery products.
  • Also a strong rumour going the rounds is the old William Hill betting shop next to the Stapleton i going to be a upmarket bakery, anyone else heard this rumour?.
  • It has alcohol licence notice in it window. I got the impresion it was going to be small supermarket
  • Anyone got any idea what is going into the undertakers which is not longer there. Workent seem to bringing new life to the place
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