I hope you all like drumming. F*****g row, neighbourhood going seriously downhill.


  • Sorry, I now understand it is likely to be something to do with the tribal celebrations concerning the kicking around of an inflated pigs bladder around a field in this part of North London. I withdraw my comments and do understand the boys will have their toys.
  • Ok but does this justify the motorbike maniac who zipped up and down Corbyn St around 4am revving as loudly as he could? (And yes, I'm assuming it was a boy with a toy.) If not, what counter measures arc possible?
  • Did this thread start somewhere else?
  • I am very sensitive to noise and would definitely vote for any party that criminalises riding a loud motorbike in public without a suppressor. I was having a coffee on SGR recently and the noise from revving bikes on this stretch was indescribably evil. The buses are bad enough and the fumes are back. After months of lockdown this is the worst part of going outside will take a long time to get used to. Ugh.
  • The only time I can hear the drums is when I've been listening to ABBA (or staring into the time vortex).
  • And the pillocks who set of fireworks last night at around 11:30 should all be horse-whipped. Loud motorbikes also drive me mad. I just think they are all wankers. Or should that be w*******s? (never saw the point of asterisking on a forum read by adults, all of whom know exactly what the words in question are).
  • I think the fireworks were for Eid.

    I don't known about the celebration, really. But it's a big one. Like new year or Christmas is.
  • If it's worth anything, I hate fireworks around Xmas/NYE too, and around 5 November. I'm an egalitarian crank. I would gladly ban fireworks apart from registered fireworks displays.
  • Did anyone hear the loud music and singing coming from around 108/106 Hanley Road last night/this morning (until around 3:30). Do you know precisely where it was coming from?
  • I have never understood people that think revving a motorbike or sitting in a car with music playing is well 'ard, although i have never really understood the whole need for speed or the BMW / Audi thing anyway, give me a old school V-Dub any day of the week.

    I would also like to see fireworks banned except for offical displays, they are dangerous, expensive, a nuisance and quite frankly a threat to health and well being; how they sell them in corner shops i will never know.

    I would also ban jet skis and (after daring to swim in the glorious English Channel at the weekend when they were there) kite surfers.

    However, i am not a fan of banning things, i do not like the way things are going in the US and Australia with the draconian laws, i am not sure where the line is between complete freedom and total vigilantism when the Police are no help but it is not necessarily banning everything.
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