• Ah wondering what was going on there, can pop-in when grab my prescriptions from chemitex pharmacy, hopefully the indian doesn't reopen as it is kinda smelly, not the nicest of stretches hopefully this will improve it.
  • Pretty sure that Indian is an Ethiopian place now.
  • There has been a bakery there for a while now, at least a few years but wasn't open to the public. Presumably it was trade only. Is this the same people but selling direct?
  • I always thought that the original bakery was something to do with Spiazzo in Crouch End.
  • The smell of balking bread was lovely. That part of Hornsey Road has never done well. We used to have a organic shop there many years ago but didnt survive. The pop up restaurants have done very well in the corner of Hornsey road/SSR. The vegan laksa is wonderful and a snip for £7.50. Made with TLC by Mr Khoo
  • I've not been in that food place on SSR yet, I want to try the Mexican stall.

    That stretch of Hornsey Road is drab, especially since The Plough closed, maybe Big Jo can plug the gap.
  • Ooh, vegan laksa? I might have to try that. I went past Jo's today to pick up something for lunch but they were closed for lunch today.
  • As far as I know it's part of a very upmarket, smallish but growing empire! The restaurant and bakery Jolene is close to us in Newington green , it's all about sustainable farming, heritage grains etc. I once had a pain au raisin which was nice. Their other one (can't remember the name) is in highbury. What is happening to the hornsey road!?
  • I went there to get takeaway lunch today.
    Very limited selection for savoury goods: sausage rolls and curried egg sandwiches. My wife is vegetarian so i went with the sandwiches.

    We also got a cardamom bun and Basque cheesecake. Everything was DELICIOUS. The sandwiches were generous, albeit a bit lightly spiced (all I could really get on the curry side was the onion seed), but the bread was very good, the eggs were nicely cooked, and there was a nice mayo dressing. All in al a very good sandwich.
    The cheesecake was something else, and the cardamon buns were very, very good too.
  • Competition for Max ?
  • I've only ever had cardamon buns in Sweden, that's top of my list to try now.
  • Different to Max. The sandwiches are less an enormous, multi-faceted meal than a good version of a classic. They were generously sized but not as complex.
    HolbornFox, I order you to try a cardamom bun! Not cheap, but quality rarely is.
  • @HolbornFox The Bread by Bike stall at Stroud Green Market usually has cardamom buns (as well as the more ubiquitous cinnamon ones), and I'm pretty sure the Swedish woman selling rye bread sometimes sells them too.

    Looking forward to trying Big Jo.
  • Top tip @minim I'll check that out, I really really really want to try the Beerblefish beer as well but keep missing them.
  • The fence by the lights is full of locked bicycles now, nearly struggled to lock up my bike whilst picking up my prescription, good to see a new successful business.
  • personally I like the Danish lady Sara's even over Bread By Bike's but both are really nice - and just had one from bigjo which is also great! It's different though, i thought it almost had more of a croissant texture?
  • Two page review in today's Guardian Feast section. The word Genius is used several times.
    Run by the same folks as Westerns Laundry.
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