Walking for refugees

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I've decided to break cover and share this, because our family's decision to support refugees and asylum seekers by taking part in the Red Cross 'Miles for Refugees' walk has suddenly become wildly successful beyond my furthest dreams, and revealed an unexpectedly deep well of philanthropy. Maybe there are some on SG Org who might feel moved to contribute. This is me, by the way. Now on £1,500+



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    Good luck but I'm not sure why you are click baiting, it's not the time.
  • Duh? It's not 'click baiting', its asking for support. If you consider this inappropriate, I'll regard you as a troll, but remove the post. If you want to troll, use Twitter
  • This is admirable. Well done. My wife does work with refugees, and I feel that we Jews are all refugees of some kind (well, our ancestors were). I have donated. davejones, not sure what you are on about.
  • @therattle thank you. This worked out entirely unexpectedly for me and has turned out to be one of the most satisfying things I have ever done. I forgot to put in the direct url for the donation page (where all is explained): it's here:


    As of tonight, I'm £381.93 away from reaching £2,000, which a month ago seemed unimaginable.
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    Just to report, I'm very happy that this morning I reached and passed the £2,000 target in my sponsored fundraising for refugees. The generosity of friends, acquaintances and complete strangers over the Internet has been quite incredible - 66 donations, through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, including one anonymously of £500. The winner of 'last one in' will receive a jar of home made Finsbury Park crab apple jelly. I can stop now! Thanks all. *Phew*
  • When I ran the London Marathon I was featured in the local paper and didn't receive 1 donation.

    I put it on a forum I used to go on and got over £500 in (mainly) anonymous donations, mind blowing really.
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    The Internet is the way to go, but I think you need to know how to harness social media. One of my Facebook friends is a (recently retired) fundraiser for other charities, so I got a few tips. I think the main thing is to bully people.....
  • krappy, was it an anti-bullying charity?
  • Actually.....I think you could say that in a way.
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