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Haringey/Veolia (are) rubbish.

Looks as if Veolia have committed one of their usual collection cock-ups but perhaps on a grand scale this time: Recycling and food waste due to be collected in my street yesterday wasn't. Their site says "From Monday 5th October 2020, the scheduled day and/or week that refuse/general waste collections are made will be changing for approximately 9,600 properties across Haringey", yet we haven't received any leaflets about this (as we were supposed to if the change affected us), nor has our schedule on their site changed (it explicitly identifies yesterday as a collection day for my address).

Emailed Veolia, who replied with an auto-response:

"We are currently experiencing a high number of calls and emails so please bear with us and we will respond to you as soon as possible. Please be advised that due to the new collection schedules that were introduced on Monday 5th October we are working hard to resolve any issues while our crews familiarise themselves with their new routes."

Anyone know to what extent this has been cocked-up? Any forecast for actual collections?


  • I called them today for the exact reason you describe above - info on their website only, same collection day anyway but no collection on Wednesday.
    They booked Saturday collection on the phone with me but I guess it will be only for my address and not for the whole street (Florence) that they have somehow missed.. Perhaps call them as well? I had to as both recycling bins completely full
  • Three phone calls and eight days later, my bins were finally emptied.
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