Clapton Craft

Next time you're thinking of purchasing a bit of alcohol, please think of going to Clapton Craft - I was in there earlier with a mate and they were shop lifted right in front of our eyes (bottle of champs).

As all the businesses in Stroud Green, they'll need help to get through the next months.


  • cmocmo
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    In what is probably poor parenting, I let my children choose the oddest looking beers in there for me to try at home. Mango stout was an adventure. Great shop.

    Jacks, also is a brilliant, eccentric beer shop. Fantastic selection and I know they've been having a tough time competing with sainsburys over the road.
  • The off-license at the bottom end of Stroud Green road across from Sainsbury's also has a huge range of beer.
  • @cmo, I salute your parenting!
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    Being a more of a BITTER drinker has made me a bit of a bitter DRINKER, partly because the likes of Clapton Craft stock nothing for me.

    However, Jack’s is not a mere “beer shop”; it’s an Aladdin’s cave of alcohol (i.e., not just beer), which has been in SGR for (I think) some 25 years, serving connoisseurs, alcoholics, and riff-raff alike. Stocked like a bookshop in the 1970s Charing Cross Road, it’s the sort of place that saves Stroud Green from being just another high street of predictable branches of the usual suspects.
  • CC is great, If you're of the Craft persuasion I'm always impressed with the selection in Londis on FPR too.
  • Londis is superb, you won't find the same beers cheaper either.
  • I'm still narked (knarked?) off with Londis for charging a premium on loo rolls during the first lockdown.
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    You can gnark yourself all the way to the next crisis, @cmo , but what weight do sickly, undernourished words such as “community” and “necessity” have compared to lofty terms such as demand-and-supply (it’s a LAW, fer chrisakes!), capitalism, business, free markets, product, margins, cost, price, value, premium, shareholders, profits, franchise, competition, etc., etc.?
  • I know someone who was unfortunate enough to rent a flat from the owner of Londis, and they were treated disgracefully hence my personal boycott of the shop.
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