Over sixties Oyster Card

Looks like it could be on its way out !


Interresting 69 page read on the options for keeping TfL going. Loads in it like the option of cutting 150 bus routes charging or an option on a road usage charge for cars comming into London registered outside. £3.50 a day.

I guess this will make the news over the next few days!

Sets the conversation for the May elections


  • While people go on protests because they don't want to wear a mask, all our other rights and concessions get whisked away with hardly a murmur. It's an ideological decision not to make ALL public transport free of charge and high quality - as part of that ideology they're targetting some over 60s who still have a job they can't do from home and making out THEY'RE the problem.
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    It's gonna be worse than not having to pay for a bus when economic shit hits the fan
  • Therefore contradicts moves to make people use more public transport (over 60's). I have no idea what anyone's plan/strategy actually is anymore.
  • @Brodiej I think the overall plan/strategy is to keep pretending (against all evidence to the contrary) that the current system works and that every problem is the fault of some ordinary people, so that fewer and fewer uber rich people who don't pay tax can carry on amassing greater and greater wealth while the planet slowly crumbles around them. It seems to be working well.
  • Having something free is not a right - a right is something like freedom of speech and the rule of law.

    Don't you agree with a freebie being means tested, which is the plan fyi. My mum has a free pass, but tbh she admits she could pay for it. Free things are great if the tax money is aimed correctly to help poorer people in society. Arguably she's paid her taxes all her life - but what do you want to be cut instead? Adult social care? Benefits? The number of Busses?

    The system does work if you compare it to 99% of countries in the world, it just needs tweaking - I'm guessing you just want the government to tax all the nasty rich people accumulating their I'll gotten gains - pray, tell me how you do that? one of my bosses has recently moved to Portugal so he can pay less tax, another has moved to Scotland as he's banking on independence and rejoingin the EU to profit from the different rules there post brexit - I'm pretty sure anyone with the means can just leave if they feel the need (i.e Bahamas) and we all are poorer as a result.

    I always hear tax tax tax, Haringey's council tax is going up 5% this year - what should the tax rate be to pay for all these great services?
  • I did actually mean the the totally undemocratic system we have across pretty much all of the first world, not just the system in this country. The Bahamas is of course part of the Commonwealth and like a huge percentage of the tax havens in the world, is controlled by the City of London. We DO need to chase the uber rich for tax, not tax the hard-working working and middle classes who spend most of their hours making the uber rich richer. What we need is a democracy ie where 99% of the people have 99% of the say, instead of the sham we have atm.

    Freedom of speech has taken quite a battering recently under the pretence of Covid, and I would like to see a huge extension of ordinary people's rights rather than the continuous curtailment of them we're experiencing over the past decade or so. I'd like to see the right to free water, free food, free housing, and yes, free public transport for a start, and please don't tell me this will mean a cut in adult social care, because all it requires is an ideological decision to make our societies fairer, more equal, and working for the majority rather than the minority. The sums DO add up.

    A simple first step would be to ban anyone from owning media in this country unless they live here and pay up all their taxes here. A second would be to do something similar for companies like Amazon, ban their trading here unless they only do so through a UK subsidiary that pays all its taxes here - no loopholes, no getting out of it. If they don't like it, let them go elsewhere and create room for UK entrepeneurs to flourish here. Even right-wingers should surely think this is a decent proposal. I'm not trying to promote what I see as old-fashioned left ideology, but I want to see proper democracy arrive at sensible solutions that work for the majority not the minority. The current system has been totally hijacked by the rich and powerful and they are leading the world into unsustainable oblivion.
  • TFL budget 9.7 billion, what is the failed track and trace system up to now, 22 billion?

    WTF do the likes of Deloitte actually do with the billions that they snaffle, the mind boggles.
  • I can't seem to find the cost of testing and tracing, but these are some other figures specifically during Covid;

    Support for businesses £55.8bn
    Lower tax revenue -£105.7bn
    Support for households £83.7bn
    Higher welfare spending £24.5bn
    Support for public services £52.8bn
    Debt servicing £56bn

    That's all on top of the usual expenditure as of September - since then it's likely the figures have increased.

  • So the TFL budget is minuscule then?

    Talking of transport I'm going to Scotland next year, £360 return to get the train or £160 return to fly.
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    A lot of debt? Big numbers £'s. Don't worry.

    Klaus Schwab, World Economic Forum........The Great Reset, Davos, 25 to 29 January 2021..... Bill Gates will be there too.......and the UN Agenda 2030.

    Don't worry. In 2030 you will own nothing and be happy.

    These guys will sort it for us. This is an opportunity to reset capitalism.
  • Are you going to fight the power though @grenners?
  • @LukeG sounds like a lot we're going to have to pay for indeed, but as I say, it's entirely ideological who pays.

    If Jeff Besos were to pay every single employee worldwide $106,000 EACH, his own wealth would revert back to what it was at the start of the Covid crisis. Amazon pay virtually no tax in the UK. These people don't create wealth, they hoarde wealth, and the cost of Covid pales into insignificance by comparison.
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    Hopefully enough people will start to fight back otherwise we will be going round in lockdown pandemic circles for years with Klaus Schwab (Blofeld) and his globalist cabal taking control. Bezos is not going to suffer it will be millions of independant self earning small businesses, the people of which will become dependant on the state and controllable. As Billl Gates (the first non medically qualified global Dr) has said, this will be a decade of pandemics. Hope not. Fight back.
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