What the actual...have they done to Parkland Walk?

Massive amount of cutting down, removing trees, shrubs, habitats, to widen long stretches of this previously beautiful space have turned it into some city theme park and will encourage even more people onto it, faster cyclists, more joggers etc etc.

Thoroughly miserable idea akin to road-widening - which always attracts more traffic.

Anyone know who was responsible for this vandalism and whether there was any consultation? This has always been so well-managed in the past and I'm deeply upset by what's been done here.


  • I've forwarded your comment to the Chair of the Friends of the Parkland Walk, lets see what she says.
  • Pretty sure it's part of maintainence work on the paths and the bridges in particular which are being repaired.

    Also, cutting down trees, clearance work is needed to keep 'forest' healthy - in particular to allow new growth or get rid of infection.

    There's both the Friends of Parkland Walk and a preservation organisation working regularly on maintaining the walk - I'm sure there are good reasons for it.
  • Thanks both. This looks like nothing I've seen in previous years. I understand new growth and maintenance, and I appreciate the conservationists do a superb and caring job, but I'd be very surprised if that's all this is. Extremely happy to be corrected.
  • It looks like the undergrowth has been cut by some sort of monster machine and it has made the path much wider. Bramble picking will be off the agenda for a few years
  • I did write to the Chair of the PW who is a neighbour suggesting she reply on here, but unfortunately she says she is completely phobic about social media and reluctant to do so. I don't have any further contact details for the Friends of the PW, otherwise I would recommend sending a letter on parchment with a reply-paid envelope.
  • ,' but unfortunately she says she is completely phobic about social media and reluctant to do so..'.should she really be chair of anything with that attitude?
  • To be fair, I imagine it's all voluntary, and it's not a question of "I want to be the chair but I'm not going to talk to anyone", but rather, "Oh alright, I'm the only one who has any time and energy to be the chair but I'm not very good at social media".

    However, as @Ali reports, this still looks like leagues different from any previous considerate land management, and much more like habitat vandalism on a large scale.
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    It will grow back fairly quickly.
  • It's the same volunteers I'm sure - likely as noted the bridge repairs project are involved
  • Statement now from Cathy Meeus, Chair of Friends of the Parkland Walk, posted on Facebook:

    Hi Gary and anyone else who shares concerns about the path edge clearance. The background is this: The vegetation around the bridges needed to be cleared prior to surveys and eventual repairs in order to prevent further structural damage. Notices to this effect have been on the Walk for many months. At the same time the Haringey parks department decided to cut back vegetation at the sides of the path where it was causing bottlenecks and preventing social distancing by the increased number of users - an important consideration.

    The Friends did not object to this in principle, since we were unable in the current lockdown to undertake path edge works ourselves. However, the works have been more extreme than we anticipated and less sensitively carried out. I have made our views known the the council. Any comments should be forwarded to them.

    It is a misapprehension that the FPW was the motivating force behind this clearance.

    I would also like to add that I am confident that much of the greenery will recover in the spring, though sadly not the elders (this distresses me too). Be assured that the Friends are committed to the preservation of the nature reserve, but in reality have no legal power to enforce or prevent the council managing the Walk in whichever way they consider advisable.

    Cathy Meeus, Chair of Friends of the Parkland Walk
  • Fair enough comment from Cathy, and I really didn't expect them to be the culprits as the work they've done over the years has always filled me with confidence. I wonder whether Haringey sought any advice before this "more extreme" work and whether they did what ever was required in terms of the area being an SSSI? I'll be following it up with them.
  • Haringey council are completely useless in every aspect of management.

    Apart from the bins. At least they seem to be run ok.
  • The bins??? Not so fast, @LukeG! Haringey contracts the bins out to the rubbish business that is a rubbish business: Veolia. They are experts in missed collections, leaving your emptied bins in stupid places (on your wall, or blocking your path, for example), and leaving your front gate open.
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    To be fair they probably do a better job than if Haringey tried to do it themselves.
  • To be fair, “to be fair” seems to have become the universal preface to a vacuous comment.
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    Haringey Council are good at things like renaming streets and making their logo look like a rainbow and other virtue signalling nonsense at the cost of the tax payer.
  • I can feel a new thread bubbling up inside...

  • To be fair, they probably do a better job than if a blind-folded polar bear with a stick up its arse tried to do it.
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