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Reclaim the Night - a post lockdown night time march on the Parkland Walk.

Reclaim the Night - join me on a night time march down the Parkland Walk post lockdown?

Like all women, I'm sad and furious about the disappearance of Sarah Everard. Every woman should be able to walk alone, at night without fear. Those of us who grew up in the 70s, 80s or 90s will remember the Reclaim the Night marches, started after the Yorkshire Ripper murders. I think it's time to March again. Would any North London women be interested? I'd certainly like to feel safe enjoying the Parkland Walk at night. All ages welcome. I'll have a look at post lockdown dates and get this moving shortly, mid - late April seems likely.
I've also posted in the Crouch End Appreciation Society FB page where over 300 people have expressed interest.

This is not the place for a "not all men" discussion or whataboutery. I know not all men attack women but all women experience unwanted attention or much worse.


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