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Letting Agents

edited March 26 in Local discussion
After 15 years I am leaving Stroud Green and moving in with my wife to the leafy village of Camberwell.
I am planning on renting my flat out. Has anyone used David Andrews or Christopher Charles as letting agents? Is there another agent anyone would recommend?


  • David Andrews are pretty good imho, unsure if they have branches south of the river.

    Openrent is really great, but you need to pounce fast - so maybe not to everyone's taste.

    Out of interest, why are you moving south of the river?
  • My wife has a bigger place in Camberwell which she is letting at present. So I am moving into her place this summer.

    I dont mind local agents as my place is here and easier to manage the flat. Why do you have to pounce fast with open rent?
  • Properties let on open rent have billions of applications and it's pretty easy to get overwhelmed as you'd be handling viewings yourself.

    If you want it managed, then David Andrews seem legit (we bought through them).
  • @Arkady I got married last summer in Peckham
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