Haringey Glyphosphate Use

Hi everyone, in case you missed it, earlier this year, Hackney banned the use of Glyphosphate on their estates and public spaces.


Unfortunately Haringey is still using it across its parks (including Finsbury and Stationers) as well as all other council run property, such as HfH residences - of which we have a number in Stroud Green. I've personally had it sprayed on some plants I had recently planted!

Although the case is still out on its toxicity, it's pretty widely thought that the chemical (also known as roundup) has ecological and health repercussions (I'll leave you to read up!).

Just leaving this here as a reminder for any activism you want to go and do with the council, as well as inform your voting next year.


  • I wondered what it was that had nuked the grass around the base of loads of trees in the park. (What's so wrong with having grass next to a tree?)
  • Very nasty stuff. It is in quite a few weed killers used in your garden. Check the packaging and if it is in there get rid of it. If it is a spray make sure you dont inhale it.
  • I managed to get some residue on my hands whilst doing some gardening to remove all the dead plants. My skin on one hand had a bad time.
  • They were spraying on the paths and verges all over the HfH blocks between Lorne and Marquis the other day. I notice the operators were dressed in full protective PPE with masks and goggles. What about the rest of us - doesn't say much for Haringey's consideration for the health of its tenants, let alone the rest of the people of the area.

    I feel strongly about this wilful poisoning of the environment, utterly contemptible.
  • Definitely recommend getting in touch with our local councillors please.

    We have Eldridge, Daniel and Kirsten.

    There is a new leader of the council - so fingers crossed if we put some pressure on, it's a good time for change.
  • I wonder if they’re using it on the grass areas around the blocks of flats. As it is, the grass seems to be mown more often than necessary. I think it would be nice if they let it grow more, enabling the wildflowers to grow too. Probably much less expensive to have the (seemingly inevitable) litter removed instead. This glyphosate stuff probably has a horrible effect on wildlife.
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    The reason for cutting the grass so short has been given by the council - unfortunately, because there are still so many mouth breathers leaving dog poops on the verge, it needs to be kept short to be cleaned up easily!

    Around the back we're looking to do some work beautifying the beds (set back by this sitch!)
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    I did an FOI a few years back and was shocked to discover the council spends tens of thousands of pounds on Monsanto's evil chemicals. Richard Watts was an idiot over the issue, writing to me that there was no evidence glyphosate was any more dangerous than "a visit to the hairdressers". I'm glad he's gone and hope his successor shows an ounce of sense.
  • “Mouth breathers”? “Sitch”? Are these obscure typos?
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    Depends what generation you're from ;)
  • Ha! So they’re of the generation of the eight-year-old who says “poops”? If they’re not typos, what do they mean in the context above??? I’m still wondering whether “mouth breathers” refers to the dogs (after all, they do tend to breath through their mouths), their owners. I can’t think why they’d be only people who breath through their mouths—unless it’s a euphemism for a characteristic I’m yet to imagine; are they perhaps protecting their nostrils from the smell of their dogs and/or their dog’s (and/or other dogs’) leavings, or are they some other category of being who (whether or not in possession of a dog) has a predilection for distributing dog shit (as my fading generation calls it) on grass verges?

    Still no idea about “sitch”.

    Nonetheless, I’m not convinced of the council’s reasoning (if that’s what it is) for keeping the grass so short. I live between two blocks of flats, and I never see dogs (with or without owners) in those grassy areas.
  • Omw - 'oh my word' - an expression of desperation, sometimes used when having to explain something quite basic

    Sitch - a situation or state of affairs

    Mouth Breathers - those who lack the intelligence to have learnt to breath through their noses

    If you're anything under the age of 40 you'd have probably heard or seen these common phrases on the web

  • Link above is a petition to Haringey council to ask them to stop using Glyphophate in the borough. Sign and share please x
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    Nice to see my angry emails got somewhere

    Thanks for setting this up!
  • Thanks Bethany. Will share.
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