Finsbury Park - Where to report an issue?

Hello all! If you visited Finsbury Park this weekend you might have noticed that the new children playground has opened. It looks great and I’m pleased to see more investments going into the park. However, there seems to be a critical issue with the design.

Swings have been placed in a circle, in the middle of the playground. They swing in an out of where kids run to get to another station. After a few near misses, eventually this poor child got hit in the face today. Having witnessed it, I can tell you that it was nobody’s fault and, especially when the playground is so busy, there is really no way of preventing this from happening other than rethinking the design. I have never seen swings placed anywhere else other than close to the edge of a playground.

I can’t find an obvious place to report this to Haringey, would you guys know what the best way would be?


  • Probably the parks department + your local councillor + friends of Finsbury Park group.
  • Agree. We went this weekend and I clocked that straight away. I presume someone with no common sense designed it.
    Was really careful watching my 3y old.
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    Well I’ve been told by Haringey that the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents have visited the playground and said it was satisfactory so they won’t do anything. I guess I’ll just tell that to the kids that when they are whacked in the face, I’m sure it’ll be comforting.

    I’ll try the councillors directly.
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    Good luck, watching paint dry would be more fun than attempting to get progress there.
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