Drug wars again

I'm hearing alarming new reports from my neighbours of crazy drug business again, including people fighting with foot-long knives in the street close to where I live, all-night traffic to a known dealer, things being stolen from doorsteps. Does anyone know if the police round here have ANY interest in this, or do we just have to live with it? Any suggestions at all? If other people are experiencing this kind of thing, how about a joint approach?


  • We had problems on my road and a couple of us supplied intelligence on who was dealing to our local SNT. House was raided a couple of weeks later and arrests made. The greater the number people who get in touch, the greater the likelihood of positive action/enforcement.
  • There is so much drug dealing/taking it is normal now. If you call the police the current dealers are replaced with new ones so it is a bit futile. I wish the government will change the current drug policy as it is Cleary no working
  • Email for Stroud Green SNT: SNTYR-StroudGreen@met.police.uk
  • Yeh, the local police are very responsive, a neighbour managed to get someone arrested through pictures shot whilst in the act of bile stealing.

    Re. Drugs, there seems to have been an uptick recently, incident in the park today with forensics on scene, and a 19 yr old was shot on Hornsey Rise. Leaving aside legalisation, only thing you can do is report activity, it all helps to build up a case.
  • bile stealing? Like they do in bears? How horrid.
  • Tollington police have been taking action against dealers and dealing in Wray Crescent lately as it's been an escalating problem there over the last few months. I wonder if that action has shifted the problem elsewhere in Stroud Green?

    Agree that without a change in drug policy the issues will never be dealt with and the problems will just be shifted from area to area.
  • Interesting times we live in. So it's an open secret that a flat near here is being used big time for major drug dealing. Should it bother me? Everybody on the street knows it. The police know it. People and traffic are knocking on the door night and day. Should we be bothered? No. Nobody wants to make a fuss - we're all too scared. Live and let live. What hurts is that this neighbourhood has gone to the dogs, we are all living in a moral vacuum, and the blame lies entirely with the government's failed war on drugs, its hypocritical attitude to community values, and failure to back up it's supposed policies by cutting police, council and community anti-drug services. No community values, no support, not my fight, down the plughole we go.
  • Which neighbourhood has gone to the dogs?

    Sadly if you feel there's no community it's not really the fault of the authorities being shit or the war on drugs

    People make a community, if you have shit people who can't be arsed and act likes dicks, the neighbourhood goes to shit

    Around here I feel like certain people care, others don't and it's up to you to make a difference, plant some flowers, do some.litter picking, call people out if they're being dicks, make friends with your neighbours

  • @krappyrubsnif , would you be more specific about this, and what makes you say the police know about it?

    @LukeG , part of the problem is that the neighbourhood looks run down. The council don’t maintain things well, and many of the private properties look a state because they’re occupied by renters who, whether transient or not, and even if the landlord permitted it, have little or no incentive to invest time or energy in maintenance, let alone develop relationships with their neighbours. I suspect there’s some correlation between front gardens that look like deserted building sites with overgrown hedges and thenumber of doorbells next to the front door.
  • The property in question has already been dawn raided twice by police (most recently a couple of years back, officers in stab vests, helmets, dogs, a battering ram and fixed bayonets) and both times they 'found nothing'. Clean. What does that say to you? You don't need to be in Line of Duty to work that one out. To me it says a back channel between the police and the occupants. Who's going to put themselves at risk by raising anything with the police - I wouldn't trust them an inch. Mother of God, Mary, Jesus and the Wee Donkey!
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    I myself rage often about some of the absentee landlord scum that keep their properties in a bad way - but I have no idea if the area has become worse or better as I haven't lived in Stroud Green long enough - however I have lived in far worse neighbourhoods around here, so a sense of perspective is important.

    Also some of the shitty houses have turned out to be owner occuppied, and imho the worst condition houses are the Londis landlord and the Housing Authority houses dotted around.

    Obviously some communities are less invested in making the area nice, but it's up to us to make the difference. There are enough middle class people with their own stake in the area to invest time and money to juge it up.
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