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This Sunday at the Market

13th June, 10 - 2:30, Stroud Green School


Pain d’Amis (flavoured baguettes: mozzarella & tomato, carrot & goat’s cheese etc)

Sara Nyborg's Danish Bakery (amazing variety of authentic rye bread, cinnamon buns, jams, granola)

Olea (organic olives from small farms across Europe)

Lev & Tine (authentic but innovative babka, sweet/savoury)

Pie Station (meat/sweet pies, sausages rolls, quiches & crumbles)

Brambletye Farm (organic fruit, mushrooms, eggs, apple/pear juice and pickles)

Perry Court farm (Kentish fruit, veg & juice)

Bread by Bike (local sourdough)

A taste of the good life (raw & organic dairy produce, eggs)

Kaffee Culture (hot coffee and freshly roasted bags of beans)

The Chef and the Shoegirl (jam, chutney, granola, peanut butter & home baking in Stroud Green)

Pao Pickles (kimchi, kraut, sriracha etc etc)

Marco’s Italian Cheeses & cured meat

Nourished Bites (with famous organic “sunhini” spread)

Brevevita Wines (Natural & organic wine from the small producers of Marche & Abruzzo)

Holy Sugar (cakes, pies and pastries, made in Finsbury park using organic ingredients)

Hampstead Cheese Board (From The Best English and Swiss Cheesemakers)

The Parson’s Nose (free range pork, beef, lamb and chicken from Old House Farm)

Puglia House (first pressing 2021 olive oil from a tiny farm)Shumei Natural Agriculture (organic produce from around the world) TBC

Yorwarth’s Fresh Fish (with their own boat and smoke-house) TBC

Microfarm N15 (organically grown microgreens from our nearest urban farm)

Haringey & Islington Honey (the most local available)

Arancini Bar (hand-made fresh pasta, arancini, cannoli and other Italian delights)

Old Chapel Fudge Company (trad hand-made all-butter tablet)

LoLo milling (heritage grains freshly milled)

Itadakizen/koji fermentaria (vegan Japanese Delicacies & koji-based sauces)

Jiddler’s Tipple (very local brewery; small batches; not too strong but full of flavour) TBC

Hot Food & Drink

Creperie Dellys

Pachara Thai Street Food

Parson’s Nose (huge beef or wild boar burgers)

Extra - Curricular

Polly Poppy Vintage Clothing TBC

Echo Leaf Print (natural dyes & reclaimed fabrics) TBC

Make, Do. & Send

Hepzi Roe Ceramics TBC

Jura Sta Soap TBC

Sandra’s Jewelery TBC
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