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International Space Station Thursday

The International Space Station will be passing right over London next Thursday (22nd July) and will be both exceptionally bright and at a decent time to see it.

The flypast is just after 9pm coming from the west.

Once you used to the twilight watch for a bright star that rises up over the horizon coming directly towards you. It may be tricky to spot initially, but once you see it, it will jump out as something very noticeable in the sky.

The further away from street light the better, twilight in a back garden or above street light level has the best chance.


  • I have used a very good app, ISS Detector. This actually seems to suggest Thursday's flypast will start at around 22.51 and last for six minutes, coming from the west. The ISS seems to fly over a lot. I dont know how the timing squares with yours Ali but I've used the app in the past and it was accurate (it pings my phone, but I dont have to isolate).

    Heres hoping for clear skies!
  • you are correct !
  • On time. Blink and it's gone.
  • I was surprised how bright it was, good to have clear
  • I can remember as a child going out into the garden to watch either Sputnik or Telstar go over. I wonder which of Sputnik, Telstar or the ISS is / was closest to earth or furthest away.
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