Basement dig planning permission

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The freeholder of my building has put in a planning permission proposal for a basement excavation to create a two bedroom flat under my ground floor flat. I'm terrified it's going to happen.
Does anyone know of any projects like this in Stroud Green going ahead?
Do people think this could be a positive for the area (given the housing shortage)?
Any suggestions welcome.


  • Can you not buy the freehold sharpish?
  • 'Many freeholders may not be aware but under the Leasehold Reform, Housing and Urban Development Act 1993, leaseholders are legally entitled to purchase the freehold of their building. This is known as Collective Enfranchisement and effectively means that tenants can force the sale of your freehold at any time.'
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    If there are other flats in your (I'm guessing period conversion) you'll need to persuade them to buy too.

    Period conversions are always a risk due to this issue, as a note for future buyers, ex-council flats are actually safer in these cases.
  • You need 50% of the leaseholders to buy the freehold (assuming that nothing has very recently changed), if you have a long lease they are normally peanuts compared with the fees freeholders are increasingly charging / ripping.

  • I'm curious to know how this is intended to happen without causing a great deal of disruption to existing lessees. I imagine your flat will be uninhabitable whilst this takes place.
  • Our freehold was recently bought, and not enough leaseholders wanted to attempt to buy the freehold so it went up for auction.
    No mention of how it is intended to happen without causing disruption in the planning application.
    Thanks for your replies.
  • If you feel comfortable sharing the application on here and other forums you can try to get locals to object?

    Maybe post a letter to your neighbours to inform them too - likely a few complaints would make a difference.

    Failing that, getting some help form a local councillor too.
  • Hey LukeG, thanks for the suggestion. The link for the application is:

    Agreed, it is worth me posting some letters to neighbours informing them of the application to get more objections. I will do that asap.

    Appreciate the advice!
  • Ah, a neighbour. We're in Norman Court. I'm sure there will be some help if you post around. Will get on an objection for sure.

    Light and noise wise, it's not legit. It might be worth also noting to the council that the proposed developer is not a resident either, which might help. The Leasehold reforms proposed by the govt can't come soon enough. It's a shame your other neighbours didn't realise the advantage of buying the freehold.

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