Another resturant/bar

seesm to be under constuction in the old garage come flower shop next to Brick and Olive. They have certanly claimed their pavement space which will make the experience at B&O a little diffrent. Any one know what it is to be?


  • Seems like waht was Seasons is going to be an Brazilian Resturant called Sams.
  • The place next to B&O has acquired a big 'gelato' sign.
  • Looks like a coffee shop called Artisan and an ice cream parlour next door. I guess the kids after school will be able to grab a Morleys followed by ice cream.
  • Nice people, good coffee, and lots of vegan cakes. But they face competition with their higher end pricing, and it's not particularly vegan-friendly to charge such a premium for plant-based milk. Looks empty a lot of the time, so I fear they'll not last with that business model. Seems a genuine shame.
  • Went to the Brazilian place on Friday night, menu slightly odd, lots of typos and was all a bit confusing but they were very friendly and said they were going to fix the menu, and get a licence. Had quite a nice burger sort of thing, will give them a little while to sort them selves out and will definitely go back
  • Looks like the Artisan Gelato cafe on Stroud Green has now closed after only few months
  • I went in to Artisan Gelato once. Not sure I saw any gelato and there was a very slim offering.
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