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Reviving the "Ancient Corporation of Stroud Green" for local charities in July?

I would like to suggest the following idea as way of raising money for local food banks or other charities in the neighbourhood this summer, to help in the looming cost of living crisis. Would anyone be interested in helping organise?

My proposal is to revive, for one day only, the "Ancient Corporation of Stroud Green". Back in the day, in 1773, a drinking club calling itself "The Ancient Corporation of Stroud Green" held a dinner at what is now my local pub (The Stapleton Tavern) and struck a commemorative enamel badge on the occasion of the "election of a new mayor".

The historic dinner was held on July 26th, 1773. As the original "Ancient Corporation" was probably a Rotary-style charity as well as a drinking club, I propose reviving it with a fund-raising event on or near the anniversary, July 26th, 2022. This could be drinks, a dinner, quiz night or perhaps another "mayoral election" similar to the ones held in the pub in 2013 and 2017, with all proceeds going to local food banks or other charities in these straightened times.

The historic badge is now in the collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Woukd anyone be interested in helping to organise such an event?

There is a Facebook page for the Ancient Corporation if you search Facebook.
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