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Green & Glory

I was wondering whether anyone else is regularly overcharged (often by significant sum) here? It has happened to me so frequently that I now ask for receipts. My girlfriend has had the same experience.


  • Nope. Not that I am aware of. Maybe I will check more from now on!
  • I was being considerably overcharged once, then i noticed the cashier had the bag leaning on the scale, could have been an accident.

    I regularly notice that a pepper may be (say) 20p but a tomato of the equivalent weight would be £2, it may of course be that tomatoes are very expensive and peppers are very cheap but other shops are not priced this way.

    I also notice that a lot of the produce is not actually organic unless labelled, I find the front signage slightly misleading as it claims to be an organic shop to my eyes. I have noticed other shops are now doing this like the one on Hornsey Road.

    However, despite the above, the produce is excellent from there and i can easily tell if veg is from there or from a supermarket when making a stew or casserole before and after cooking.
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