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TV needs fixing

I haven't watched any of the Jubilee as my so-called Smart TV doesn't work. It is all plugged in but 'no connection' and I have no idea what's wrong. Its been like that for days. What a waste of money. I have offered good wine to neighbours to put it right but nobody will even try. How I long for the days of a black and white TV that you just switched on and it worked.

Anyway can anyone recommend some way of fixing it? I am simply not prepared to spend all day on the phone to some Samsung engineer in China with dumb arse questions and running up and down to the attic and finding passwords. I have other things to do. I am prepared to offer two bottles of decent wine to anyone who can zip round and get it connected. I must be the only person in London with a TV that doesn't work

Anyway I assume I've not missed anything. But Mrs Krappyrubsnif wants to watch the news and episodes of Silent Witness.


  • It's either a spotty wifi signal or a spotty aerial cable and I cant be arsed to find out which.
  • I think I have worked it out. There is a loose connection between the attic aerial & the wall socket. Probably disturbed when we had new windows put in. I'll get it rewired. I had no idea a smart TV still needed an aerial. So many other things I could be doing on my day off! ????????????

    Basic stuff. Comes from being over-technologically phobic, I thought it was the wifi. So you can all stand down.
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