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McDonald and Plastic Grass?!!


McDonald’s UK (Head Office) is the owner and operator of the drive-through restaurant at Green Lanes, Haringey, N4 1DR. This year they made a planning application for: “minor refurbishment with the replacement of one booth window, a new access door, and the rebuilding of the existing back-of-house facility, with associated works to the site.................... ”

Last month, unbelievably poor judgement resulted in the rapid felling of all mature boundary trees without seeking guidance or permission (during a scorching heatwave!) to be swiftly replaced with plastic grass.

Trees provide us with the very air that we breathe, they cool our environment, and they create a habitable and seasonal neighbourhood that we can all share and enjoy. We have asked Alistair Macrow (CEO of McDonald’s UK) and Jenny McColloch (VP Sustainability) to explain how this sits with their stated policies and their restaurant’s place in our community. So has your MP.

Challenge your local councillors (Climate Action/ Enviornment) & (Communities £ Civic Life)

Please demand that shade trees are replanted on this site for the benefit of everyone in our neighbourhood.

Alistair Macrow (CEO McDonald’s UK) McDonald’s Head Office
11-59 High Road London N2 8AW
t. 0370 524 422 (Customer Services)
Jenny McColloch (VP Sustainability) McDonald’s Global
Chicago, USA


Please Share and Tell Others!

Protest date: This Saturday 6th August from 10am-1.30pm

JOIN US IN PROTEST at McDonald's Green Lanes this Saturday 6th August from 10-1pm in strong protest at the felling of 11 trees and laying of plastic grass by the company last month. Bring placards, dress as as trees or warped McDonalds figures- use your imagination! Drummers/musicians welcome!
Noise, fun, fury!
(next to Haringey Green Lanes Station)

????Haringey Tree Protectors????
07935 233 063

Press, Petition, Crowd-funder:

Twitter: @justplanenews

Insta @saveharingeytrees

Facebook: Haringey Tree Protectors


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