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Lost Parakeet/Parrot

edited September 2022 in Sharing
Hi there
I have lost a Parakeet called Freddy. I live in the tollington park area and he flew out from my balcony facing the Andover estate yesterday. He stayed in a tree nearby for several hours and was answering my calls but I couldn't mange to get him to come to me. Eventually he moved to another location and although I searched until late in the evening calling his name I had no response. He is the very loved pet of my sons partner Sylwia and they were in the South of France at the time, they caught the first flight home arriving here at about 9pm and they also searched the area thoroughly without any luck. They have been out looking for him since 5.30 this morning and I'm wondering if he has took refuge in someones home as he did this once before many years ago when he was being cared for by a neighbour and escaped. He was found and reunited thankfully through social media. His pictures are attached and I would be eternally grateful if anyone has any news regarding his whereabouts or if he is in someones care. I would be more than happy to generously reward anyone who might be able to help us get Freddy home. Latest update at 11.50 Freddy was responding to calls at if possible7-7.30 this morning in the Community Square on Andover but unfortunately he would not come down from where he was and eventually flew off again. On the positive side he hasn't gone far, no more that a mile as far as we know, we are still searching for him and we are all exhausted and extremely distressed. You can contact me here or you can find me on Facebook under KatyMackyMoore and message me there. Freddy does have a microchip so that he can be taken to any vet and they will contact us from there. I have just realised that there isn't a place for attaching photo's here so he is a medium sized bird, smaller than a pigeon but bigger than the local parakeets. He also has more colours predominately green with yellow on his tummy and a plum coloured head. I will repost this on Fbook with pictures and it can also be found on Nextdoor, Finsbury Park West. Many thanks
Katy Macky
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