UCKG exposed

The Guardian has done an exposé on this sham cult.
Their poor devotees are often seen at this time of year singing carols outside local supermarkets and collecting money for "youth projects", although how the private jets of a Brazilian billionaire can be classed as a youth project is beyond me.


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    Pfff! Big surprise! "Sham" cult? Surely they're ALL shams (even the ones regarded as "genuine" religions)?

    Any religion/cult (I'd love to know what the logical distinction is) that takes your money is operating the greatest con going: Selling a product that doesn't exist!
  • If God really wanted you to believe in Thine. Thy'd really exist!
    (Hopefully correct pronouns)
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    To think that the Rainbow was full of postive life as in Bowie, T rex, Ramones etc.
  • I really dislike when they come canvassing after Sunday service on the estates, I hope the same fate isn't going to happen to the Coronet as Wetherspoons are selling it, there isn't much demand for such large spaces, must cost a fortune to heat!
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