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  • Thanks for this lovely read.
    Unfortunately the colourful protest banners at Stanhope Road seem to have recently been removed by our hypocritical council, but information and a petition can still be found online here:
    (the petition only needs a few more Haringey resident signatures to force a council debate, so do take a look as you might actually make a difference)
  • Looks like the ecocide will start on Monday. There's going to be a ceremony on Sunday morning to mark the loss of all these beautiful trees.
    More than 6000 locals signed the petition for a green bridge at Stanhope, but the council are pressing ahead with a bare concrete £500k design which will see the
    area round the bridge turned into an environmental deadzone.
    From Monday 6th Feb, the council will be chopping more trees around bridges, 8 at Stanhope, 10 at Mount Pleasant Villas, as well as trees and vegetation at 3 other
    bridges on the walk. This, they say, is in order to make further engineering surveys to bridges and to allow access.
    This Sunday, 5 Feb, 10.30am meet at Northwood Road Bridge entrance, N6
    More info -
  • Has anyone got any idea how old the Oak tree was? I guess someone could count the number of rings to find out.
  • Slight variation depending who you talk to, but around 100 it seems.
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