Old Dairy reopening ?

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A planning notice is attached next to the pub. It mentions new lighting and menu boards. Can anyone confirm this ?


  • There's some scaffolding gone up around the pub, so looks like something is happening.

    I hope it re-opens soon, with the demise of the BSR we need somewhere decent to drink!
  • Chitchat on the Corbyn St WhatsApp group says it will be a pub with a focus on food. I think it might be owned by Greene King.
  • It is getting completely ripped out to the core
  • According to Sam the manager in the White Lion anything of any value had been nicked so gutting it would seem to be a sensible idea.
  • That makes sense
  • lazyatomlazyatom Fonthill Road
    On the Greene King website it says there will be a beer garden
  • Re-opens on 25th April
  • I'm really looking forward to this, I'll be first in the door. The closure of the Brave Sr Robin is calamitous and the Stapleton is now just wanky. We need a decent new pub at the top end of the street so I have high hopes of this one.
  • I wasn't made keen on the idea of a Greene King but just realised the Maynards is one of theirs so I assume that's the vibe they'll be going for. Will never replace the loss of the Brave though, chalk and cheese in comparison.

    I like the Stapleton as a pub, just such a poor beer selection.
  • When the Old Dairy was previously open, it was already a Greene King establishment, just that it was under their "Metropolitan Pub Company" brand. It looks like this time round it will be more obviously "Greene King", so their very dull non-IPA IPA will presumably be the cornerstone of their beer selection.
  • Abbot is what you want
  • Ahh, i didn't know Metropolitan was a Greene king sub brand.

    There's a banner outside that says opening on the 29th Apr.
  • I asked one of the scaffolders the other day when I was walking past for confirmation that the pub is reopening and he said yes but that there had been squatters inside so the interior was being completely gutted.

    I agree that it was a Greene King pub before it closed. I remember looking it up and the closure being listed on the Greene King website at the time.

    I heard from Georgia of Pretty Shiny Shop that it is reopening with the same owners as before. I am so glad it is reopening as it was unashamedly the extension to my living room and I was gutted when it boarded up in Spring 2020 compounding the sensation that the world was indeed ending at the time. I am a big fan.
  • Indeed this is good news and I will also be early in. However I lament the loss of the BSR so much. Anyone know if there’s a chance it may reopen? Licensing issues seem sortable?
  • I have no info, but my guess would be license issues would be related to finance issues?

    Is a huge loss, if not the BSR it would be great if another brewery took the place on, it's got an established reputation and customer base (even before it was the BSR). But with the number of Craft breweries closing at the mo, might be a bit of a pipe dream.
  • Seem to have been open this weekend.
  • website is really pushing food, with quite a big menu to choose from.

    Looks like you have to smile a lot while there

  • Menu looks hugely generic, looks very much chain pub type stuff which is disappointing. But I could be wrong, so not going to judge until i've visited.
  • You are correct, reviewed a couple of other London Green King pub menus much the same if not identical. Surprised by the number of London Green pubs there are and evry body seems to smile on their web sites. I wonder if there will be Abbott on draft?
  • The Green King "Level Head" glass is a thing of absolute beauty.
  • They were giving away free pints and food on Wednesday night for two hours in a trial run.... I happened to be going past. It's been given a smart new paint job and a good clean (and presumably some structural repairs) but apart from that looks pretty much the same. Nice vibe, pleasant staff, some real beer, usual variety of ales. Didn't try the food. A welcome return. Will be back.
  • I've been living in the area since 2004 and only rarely went to the Dairy. Nice architecture, no atmosphere. Clientele always seemed a bit 'Clapham'. I can't get too excited by return of the Greene King, but will pay a visit. I'm sad about BSR too. I prefer the Stapleton as a boozer, and the front bar at the Faltering when there's no sports on, which is rarely. Finsbury Park/SG deserves a good boozer really, along the lines of the Cock Tavern on Mare Street.
  • Old Dairy today - Online booking not working. Wouldn't answer phone. Tried going in at lunchtime and told at least an hour's wait for food. Not impressed.
  • Is Abbot Ale a good thing or a bad thing? I've never tried it personally.

    It was very busy at about 8pm last night, it's definitely still got pockets of that Clahm type clientele but the space is now much more bright and airy then the old version and the fish smell has at least disappeared.

    Correct me if i am wrong but the food did not used to be a generic stick it in the microwave (stop it Nigella) type affair? I remember the scotch eggs being something of a masterclass.

    I have eaten from that 'menu' in a Greene King pub in West London, once was enough.
  • Tried it out, still smells of paint, had four proper beers on the bar but only one was available. It does have Abbott but the only one working was IPA. Bar staff are quite pleasant but need lessons on pouring a pint without a massive head. It will get better when once it gets worn in. I don't think the White Lion has much to worry about
  • 'I don't think the White Lion has much to worry about'

    - Shame thats the level we're comparing it to now!
  • Walked in, looked around, looked at the pumps, got the measure of the acoustics (it’s very noisy when busy), walked out. Nothing to be said for it. The Shaftesbury is pretty good if you don’t mind the walk from SGR.
  • I remember when the White Lion opened in the ‘80s (the space had been two or three shops before that) It was a Wetherspoons, and made to look like a traditional Victorian pub (well, a Victorian pub that happened to have a cast iron street lamp inside). Despite that conceit, it wasn’t bad, but then some years later it was turned into a sort of grotesque ‘70s revival (beer sodden carpets, TVs, fruit machines, and vinyl upholstery). Different as it is now, I don’t think it’s ever recovered from those days.
  • The 70s revival version moved the central bar to one along the right-hand wall as you walk in. I thought it was great that the current version has put it back in the middle. There isn't much choice of real beer. I think the Stapleton seems to be the best for that.

    Agree about the Shaftsbury good outside in the summer. Used to go there in the early 80s when it was predominantly Irish. When News at 10 reported IRA London bombings there used to be loud cheers from the punters. Any view on The Nicholas Nikleby ?
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