Oakfield Road tree

Ridiculous numbers of security guarding a tree in Oakfield Rd as court battles rage over Haringey council's plan to bring in the chainsaws. https://realmedia.press/ecocidal-haringey


  • Update (although it appears no-one is intersted in the plight of our best carbon sequesters, anti-pollution air cleaners, and temperature coolers (ie trees).
  • Haringey council have now issued a ridiculous backtrack having wasted all this money, and will remove the security and scaffolding until a further court hearing.
  • Good news that they've backtracked. I've seen pictures of the tree boxed in but no updates elsewhere - and with the horrible example of Plymouth was fearing the worst - so thank you for better news!
  • Unfortunately, the last legal chance was lost today. The householder has a complaint against his insurers which the ombudsman hasn't yet ruled on. So he took out an emergency injunction to stop the council from bowing to pressure from the insurer until that ombudsman ruling. At the High Court today, he lost that argument. He'll have a few days to consider whether to appeal, but the costs would be prohibitive, so it looks like the insurers will finally get their way, and the council will remove the tree next week and pay for the repairs - what a scam!
  • Phew!!! This mature plane tree on Oakfield Road is the proverbial comeback kid - the householder's appeal has been successful, and Haringey have yet again wasted council taxpayer's money, on an injunction due to come in on Monday, when they were hoping to fell the tree - now they will have to wait for the outcome of the appeal and it could take weeks.
    The appeal is on the basis that his complaint against the insurers (who are pressuring Haringey to fell the tree in order to get them out of liability to underpin) is STILL awaiting an ombudsman's decision, delayed because they have not produced documents they should have, while meanwhile pushing the council to take down the tree.
    Well done to the householder, for fighting a huge corporation at great personal expense, and trying to save this tree and get justice and house repairs he's paid for through expensive premiums.
  • What's the latest on this?
  • The tree still stands, and looks magnificent.
    Latest court ruling, thanks to the affected leaseholder, is that the Council (and insurers) now HAVE to wait for the ombudsman's decision.
    This is effectively what the campaigners asked the council to do in the first place.
    So the £92,000 (and the rest probably) that the Council spent securing the tree with their ridiculous over-the-top reaction, is all wasted public money.
    Haringey really are a shitshow when it comes to climate and ecology.
    It's time Farrow and Hakata resigned over their many debacles.
    We're still waiting for the trees at McDonald's Green Lanes to be replaced too - more broken promises there, and Hakata is acting as if he is in the pocket of the franchise owner.
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    I wholeheartedly agree that Farrow and Hakata should resign immediately. Their abysmal track record on climate and ecology issues has caused irreparable damage to the community. Their inaction on the McDonald's Green Lanes tree replacements is further evidence of their negligence and disregard for the environment. https://realmedia.press/oakfield-road-tree-reprieve/ https://7slotsgiriss.com/
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