Clever Mike Closes - Where am I going to get my bike services now

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Oh woe is me on Hornsey Road has closed!

Bugger - they were so good.

Any local suggestions for bike servicing | fixing?


  • Damn! I’m disappointed. They were good, and always seemed to be busy. Owners and staff all seemed to be quite young. I wonder why they closed.

    I can’t recommend any alternatives, as I’ve been going only to Clever Mike since buying my bike from them two or three years ago.

    (Several years ago I went to Evans Cycles on Crouch End Hill. Not sure whether they’re still in business, but they shouldn’t be, as they were abysmal.)
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    I assume that his parents still have the unit in that building or have they all gone / possibly retired?

    Edit: The Danor website is down as well, I had a chat with them a couple of years ago re the anti small-business coalition that are currently in power, maybe they had enough (or maybe they retired).

    I have been going to Giant in Kentish Town for a few years, the service is second to none but I do have a Giant bike obvs.
  • Was a few years ago, but I found Finsbury Cycles helpful for a repair I couldn't do myself (bottom bracket replacement, has held up well ever since).
  • I have found Finsbury Cycles pretty good. Will fix up almost anything
  • I have used micycle for services, Butternut Bikes (Crouch End, bottom of hill) good for my Tern, as they are a Tern dealer, and Fettle has changed some tyres for me, as has Finsbury Park Cycles. I really like micycle.
  • Been using micycle since they opened. I recommend.
  • Absolutely gutted about this. I moved out the area a few years ago but still made the trip to get my bikes serviced here. I was in early March and there was no hint of an issue and gone by the end of the month. Does anyone know where any of the staff have gone?
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