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Castles and cabbages, this Sunday at the market

23rd April, 10 - 2:30 stroud green school, woodstock rd N43EX

See you again on Sunday, everybody! The greens in these pictures are from Peterson's farm, grown my Oskars who - if you didn't know - is also the exceptionally friendly guy who sells them at the market. Almost everything is done by hand at Peterson's produce: of course, he might be saving up for a combine harvester but Oskars certainly gets a lot of pleasure cutting all the shoots himself, whether they've been specially cultivated or foraged locally (like the delicious chickweed). This kind of care and attention tends to show in the quality, as you'd hope. Very special indeed!

More bouncy castles on Sunday if the rain holds off, though I can't promise a repeat of the colossal slide we were lucky enough to be given last time. Anyway, it won't do us much harm to spend less time sliding and a little more time munching patties and stocking up on flip's fabulous mushroom pate...

the list of stalls is at
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