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Inquiry about lost family member - passing on

Hello all, this post appeared on the Crouch End facebook group yesterday, and I thought as Holly park is more SG than CE it would be worth sharing here.

Someone else on the CE group found and posted a report from the Guardian - it's a sad story. The brother knows he's dead but would love to be in touch with anyone who knew or recognises him. There are a couple of photos but I don't think I can share them here.

Hi is there anybody in here a long time resident of the holly park estate.? Im trying to find somebody who might remember a resident from years back. George oswald. He was a french polisher painter decorator. Originally from glasgow. He went too london as a teenager following punk scene. Came back too scotland Then went back too london. In later years. And settled in holly park estate i believe. According too historic newspaper article i think he died roughly 1999 /2000. He was my long lost brother and would love to find out more about him. Not sure if im even posting in correct group for residents of holly park estate. As im not familiar with the area But any help or comments would be appreciated. Hope your group can publish my post. Thankyou
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