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Sunday at the market

November 19th, 10 - 2:30, Stroud Green School

Hi everybody,
if you can't find your favourite stall on Sunday have a good look around before you give them up as a lost cause: it may or may not be very windy, which means come-and-go, in-and-out, switch around and general irregularity according to the whims of the market manager. (This is the reason for the TBCs next to most of there craft stalls). The forecast at the moment seems to be OK.
Marco is away for two Sundays - returning December 3rd - but to make up for this Jonny's English Cheese Stall is back from holidays. Ed is selling fabulous double yoke eggs from Cackleberry farm. Luke's Cider and Tim's Honey are with us, and the rare fruits of Shumei's micro farm are available in extremely limited quantities, as ever: this week it's squash, garlic and potatoes.
See you soon!

Nature’s Joint (“Ceremonial grade“ cacao from Peru, Costa Rica and Venezuela)
Holy Sugar (cakes, pies and pastries)
Pain d’Amis (Haringey hand-made croissants & flavoured breads)
Perry Court farm (Kentish fruit, veg & juice)
Hampstead Cheese Board (From The Best English and Swiss Cheesemakers)
The Parson’s Nose (free range pork, beef, lamb and chicken from Old House Farm)
Peterson’s Farm Produce (organic fruit, veg, salads and eggs)
Bread by Bike (local sourdough)
A taste of the good life (raw & organic dairy produce, eggs)
Potter Street Fishmongers (fresh & smoked, sustainably caught fish)
Pao Pickles (kimchi, kraut, sriracha etc etc)
Ashton’s Almond Milk
Francesco’s Italian (pasta, arancini, lasagna, cured meats and other specialities)
Fresh From Ukraine (honey, preserves etc sold by Ukranian local residents) with hot soup
Timothy Charge Honey (Tottenham and Upshire hives)
Shumei Natural Agriculture (organic produce from around the world)
Sail Cargo London (organic produce from around the world, transported with zero-emissions all the way to market) TBC
Nyborg's Rye Bread & Cinnamon buns

Drinks & Hot Food
Holy Pizza
Canary’s Banh-Mi
Kaffee Culture (hot coffee and freshly roasted bags of beans)
Nanny V’s Kitchen (home-made Jamaican patties)
Brevevita Wines (Natural & organic wine from the small producers of Marche & Abruzzo)
Parson’s Nose hot sausages & burgers
Hatice’s Turkish Table (organic salads, fresh dolmades and hot gozleme)
Gurdip’s Urban Turban (samosas & other Indian snacks)
Noam’s Juice Bar

Lovella Knits
Helena Africa TBC
Exquisite Mouthblown Christmas Ornaments
Tilly’s Vintage TBC
Susana’s Vintage Jewelery TBC
Echo Leaf Print TBC
Benja’s Vintage Comics TBC
Maryam TBC
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