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HNY and an idea for revival

edited December 2023 in About this site
Wishing a peaceful new year to the handful of folk that still occasionally use this site.

I'm wondering whether we could make a concerted effort to revive it in 2024?

I know it's probably superceded by WhatsApp groups and the like, but there's a great resource here, so how aout we all commit to inviting two or three neighbours/friends to join up in January and ask them to do the same, and let's see if we can get this community thriving once more? Any takers?


  • Lovely idea. Also, if anyone has an idea for revitalising the place and would like to take over running the site then do let me know. I feel I've been neglecting it, but I no longer live in the area and have so little time...

    The site's running costs are low - currently £14 a month - but I would like to pass those on at some point...
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