Is there a good book club in the area?
  • Yes, 15th feb would be good for me too. I'd be happy with any of the above list and then something more contemporary for the next one.
  • thank you for postponing it for me.. 15th of feb gives us a month from today to get hold of the book and read it. untouchable looks good, and from what i have seen after a brief search, will provide lots of subjects for discussion. there's one copy available to reserve from haringey libraries and seven from islington.

    pub will be ok for a first time i'm sure. we can sort out a list of people to choose a book and host each meeting.

  • I love Marquis' friend's book of the year idea, and Mondays work for me too.
  • Wow, this looks like turning into the most successful ever spin-off into real life. Do keep the rest of us updated.

  • Monday 15th also sounds good to me - are we going for Untouchable? I'm pretty happy with anything on that list.

  • Monday 15th is good for me too. Untouchable sounds really interesting. There's a copy up for grabs on readitswapit:

    (It's a book swapping site, my boyfriend set it up.)

  • What's 'real life'? What's a 'book'?
  • I would be interested in this, too.
  • Will read the Untouchables as soon as I finish The girl who kicked a Hornets nest.

  • I want to come too. I've had readers' block for a year, and my new year's resolution is to actually start reading again. This will make me do it - hurrah!

  • This is brilliant!! Starting our own book group is great and I would love to come. Any suggestions for a venue?? I'm thinking maybe N4 on Fonthill Road or Old Diary.
  • Do we have to reveal our online identities? Or do we just all meet wearing our 'I love N4' tee shirts?
  • The Old Dairy works for me. I guess it would be better if we met in a pub for the first time, just until we were all comfortable with each other, rather than posting our addresses? then we could see after that whether anyone wants to have it at their home.

    So - are we all agreed on the following: - Monday 15th Feb - time? 7pm? 8pm? - Untouchable by Mulk Raj Anand

    Any other venue suggestions apart from the Old Dairy?

  • i'm fine w/ your summary donnaW - 15th, old dairy, untouchable. Am easy as to time - maybe just split the difference and go with 7:30.
  • Yes me too, 7.30 is a good time. Look forward to meeting you all.
  • time and place sound good. depending on how many of us we expect, we could maybe ask the dairy to make sure there is a table and enough chairs free for us. not sure how busy it gets on a tuesday night.

    i'm excited about it!

    @DonnaW i love your boyfriend's website. i need to get my act together and set myself up on it.

    if anyone's thinking of buying the book off amazon, you can use this link which is normal amazon but means that they will donate up to 10% of your payment to cancer research uk.

    sorry if this counts as an advert. lots of other charities have amazon links too so you could search for your preferred charity of course.

  • Just joined the forum and I'm really interested in the book club. I'm expecting a baby on 19th Feb but assuming he/she doesn't come early I'll be there on Monday 15th (don't worry I live VERY nearby).
  • Hi Guys

    Would be a pleasure to host a book club here and I would also be keen to join if that is ok ?
    Monday the 15th is fine with me, let me know if you need anything else prior to the night.
  • Untouchable arrived this morning, I'm looking forward to it. Except I know I should be embracing reading and this isn't exactly the spirit, but is anyone else as pleased as me that it's not very long?!

  • Just got it on Amazon. Will give me something to look forward to when I finish The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest.

    @emine Yes I am also very pleased it is not very long!
  • Be interested to know what you thought of Hornets nest Hannah. I have just finished it and am now getting stuck into Untouchable

  • Chaps and Dames could also offer its services for the use of the community if the old Diary is ever unavailable i would also be interested in joining if this would be ok :)
  • Just got Untouchable from Amazon today.

  • Mulk Anand- Is this the author or are we reading about Arsenal?

  • cool thanks kelly-marie, but hopefully after the first one at the old dairy, we will start doing a rotation of people's houses. i'm scared because i only have four chairs.

    edit: actually thinking about it more, it would be nice as well to try out meeting in some different places that we wouldn't usually go to. the 'al fresco at good for food' idea from krappyrubsnif on another thread sounds lovely.

    i finished my other book on the tube this morning and can finally start untouchable - i'm glad it's fairly short too!

  • Trying out different places sounds like a good idea as my flat is the size of a (very small) shoebox. I'll be starting Untouchable today too, looking forward to discussing it with everyone.
  • Been lurking on here for a while but finally got signed up - thanks to the pull of joining a book club! Have ordered the book and will see you on the 15th.
    Hoping to become a more active member on here too!
  • Utterly off-topic, but seeing as it's just been announced that JD Salinger has died, Franny and Zooey should go on the list.

  • :( i love franny and zooey!

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