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Why is it that the pavements on the Haringey side of Stroud Green Road are twice as wide as on the Islington side? And why, this being the case, are all the shops with their wares stocked outside on the narrow side?

I've always known - as, a search shows me, have many other people on here - that walking down the Haringey side was quicker, but it was only this morning that I realised exactly why the conditions make it so. But how did this situation develop in the first place?


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    wrong shops on the wrong side of the street
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    Part of the answer is that the buildings on the Islington side were originally villas, and were converted to shop use later. That process would have encroached on the existing pavement, and they have also been given permission to make use of further parts of the pavement (note the brass studs). There’s only so narrow the road can be.
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    Willfully off topic, but this thread put this song in my head and it plans to remain there for the weekend. <
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    Misscara's reply gave me a sudden burst of that, too. And reminded me of the time I saw the sun shining inside that little courtyard sort of behind Dinglis, where it was also raining. On SGR proper, neither.
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