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Anyone know of a local person who can help lay turf in the back garden ? Looking for someone for this weekend.


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    I'd recommend Ian Loosemore - been mentioned on here before. HIs email is
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    I called him yesterday after finding him on an old thread - done his knee in apparently, out of action til June.
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    Give <> a try, he owns <>; and is a top bloke.
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    @mac31 - I am also hoping to lay a bit of lawn this weekend. Are you able to recommend where you got your turf from? Only need a few rolls, but everywhere online seems to only deal with bigger orders. Thanks
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    Had Ged Hogan round to do some general tidy up this morning.

    He came and had a look last week, reasonable quote, punctual and personable.

    Arrived bang on time this morning (the time pips were playing on the radio as he rang the bell) Cut back lots of tough ivy and some tree branches, left some nice wild wallflowers and ferns so the garden didn't look too bare, and cleared lots of detritus around flowerbeds and patio.
    Cut the grass, tidied beds etc.

    I left him to it, he definitely knows his stuff and had an idea of what I was looking for and did just that.

    Taught me a bit about the plants in the garden, and gave me some advice on how to keep things alive.

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    Hi thomas

    Sorry for late reply, been away with work. We got the turf from thompsons of crews hill. They seem to do small orders. 0208 363 1383.

    Also saw some rolls of turf in the gardening section of home base on green lanes.

    Layed the lawn 2 days ago. Looks good. Fingers crossed for some rain and/or no hose pipe ban for a couple of weeks.
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    I used green-earth to do some tree trimming based on comments on this site and was very pleased. They showed up on time for the quote, got back to me that day to book the appt and showed up on time for that. He is happy to do small local jobs and left the garden very tidy.
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