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Well, it appears that the Tube Lines maintenance staff are still planning to strike this week, unless anyone knows different.<br><br>If (and it is an if - we don't know how much affect this strike will have on services), but if the tube is pretty much completely out of action, what can I expect National Rail services into Kings Cross to be like?<br><br>ETA: I have two reasons for asking.  One, I have to get to work in central London, but I'm sure I'll manage that one way or another.  But two, I have a train to catch from Kings Cross at 10:30 on Thursday morning - really I'm just curious if, from past experience, the National Rail services will be reasonably sane after about 9am, for someone travelling with a couple of suitcases?  I know that they can be pretty mad pre-9 when the tube is broken.<br>


  • Hi Roy,<br><br>The train is usually a lot quieter than the tube, so I often get it for that reason. However, when there is a strike on it can get pretty packed.<br><br>The strike is only a few lines though so the Victoria line should be working ok.<br><br>Last time there was a strike loads of people must've been working from home as I was on the Victoria line with a couple of other people - quietest ride to work I've ever had!<br>
  • Well, the strike also effects the Emergency Response Units which deal with failures and other incidents on <b>all</b> lines.  So I'm not betting on the Victoria line being unaffected.<br><br>I'm wondering if the only 100% safe option is to book a minicab nice and early (say 9am)?<br>
  • From TfL's website:<br><br>"Some Tube Lines maintenance staff on the Jubilee, Northern and Piccadilly lines, plan to strike from 16:00 on 24 April to 16:00 on 27 April. We expect all lines will be running with no significant impact on services"<br><br>So the Victoria line should definitely be fine, and any disruption to the Piccadilly line won't start till mid-afternoon. But as the train drivers aren't striking.... it shouldn't be too bad. The normal "good" service? (i.e. delays all over the place).<br>
  • Sorry, no 'definite' about it at all.  Tube Lines run the ERU for <b>all</b> lines.<br><br>TfL and RMT are spinning this in very different ways, e.g. see this:<br><br>http://union-news.co.uk/2012/04/dont-gamble-with-passenger-safety-during-strike-rmt-warns-tfl/<br>;
  • I expect there's a fair chance that some Jubilee, Northern and Piccadilly line drivers <b>will</b> walk out on safety grounds on Wednesday morning if they are not satisfied that overnight track inspections have been properly carried out.  And without the ERU I think that, at best, problems on other lines will take a lot longer to resolve.<br>
  • It is the maintenance staff working on those three lines who are striking. It is not <b>all </b>Tube Lines workers who are striking. <br><br>Here's an article about it from Evening Standard (thisislondon):<br>http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/news/transport/tube-strike-to-hit-three-lines-after-talks-break-down-7664511.html<br>;
  • Harptistic - read the article you just posted. It says: "The union boss warned disruption could spread because members of the Emergency Response Units (ERUs) - troubleshooters who go anywhere across the entire network to repair faults and get trains going again - are also involved in the dispute."<br><br>It is <b>not</b> just Jubilee, Northern and Piccadilly workers who are striking - despite the spin from TfL.  There are loads of other news reports confirming this - jsut google for "tube strike emergency response unit"<br><br>roy<br>
  • Yup, we're all doomed. Nothing will be running by 6pm tomorrow. <br>
  • Well the Victoria Line ground to a complete halt for ages this morning because of a broken train, and no-one knew what was going on. That's what happens even when everyone is working. I expect that when they strike it will be same old SNAFU
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    if the better minds her cannot untangle the available information on this one, we must surely have wait and see ... btw ... it is probably no more than an hour's walk to Kings Cross via Seven Sisters Ed, crossing Holloway Road to Camden Road, and then York Way.
  • In answer the original question, you should be able to get on the mainline trains to Kings Cross which stop at platform 2, pretty much any time during the peak. The ones which run non-stop from Stevenage to Finsbury Park usually have a fair bit of standing space on them once people pile off at Finsbury Park onto the Moorgate trains from Platform 1, and they won't be any busier because of any tube disruption. Stand at the back of the platform (the northern end) and you'll probably get a seat as well - all the commuters gravitate towards the front of the train so they can get off the train more quickly at Kings Cross.<br>
  • @gardener-joe: I considered walking, but probably won't be wearing sensible shoes - and anyway, will have luggage - so not really my first choice<br><br>@sg_mike: Thanks, that's useful.  I've used the Moorgate trains occasionally in rush hour and they are busy at the best of times, and completely mad when the tube is disrupted.  I don't think I've ever used the Kings Cross trains in the peak, though. It's true that the trains arriving at Finsbury Park won't be busier due to the disruption, but <b>if</b> both tube lines are disrupted then there will be a lot more people trying to get onto <b>all</b> other modes of transport, including all trains into central London.  Still, allowing lots of extra time and taking the mainline service to Kings Cross sounds like it may be a reasonable plan - thanks!<br><br>roy<br>
  • I would assume that there will be disruption and lots of people wandering round looking a bit lost. So either plan in lots of extra time or book a taxi. Better safe than sorry and all that.<br>
  • Also * whispers * - if there *is* going to be any disruption, eg like during the full-on tube strikes, then it's best to leave a bit later in the morning. As the crowds will be just impossible at the normal times..... <br>
  • @Roy - the 91 bus goes to Kings X from Hornsey rd, so you could try that too. 
  • DLR not running full service today because they are practicing the service for the Olympics. God help us when that kicks off.
  • Does that mean the DLR isn't going to be running a full service during the Olympics?<br>
  • Ah, didn't realise the 91 came as close as Hornsey Rd, that's actually quite useful to me as it goes very close to where I work.  Also the 259 goes from Finsbury Park to Kings Cross.  But reading previous strike threads I gather the buses have been completely packed on strike days in the past.<br>
  • Well, it doesn't seem like the strike has had much effect so far.  There have been various signal failures etc, but presumably these weren't <i>caused</i> by the strike.  I don't know if things are taking longer to fix than normal, but at least they <i>are</i> getting fixed.<br><br><br>
  • Have you heard about this morning's not-a-tunnel-collapse at Embankment? :)<br><br>And you're right, there's been various signal failures, people under trains etc, and normal service is eventually resumed. No major disruptions for once (apart from for people trying to take the Piccadilly line, but that's nothing to do with the strike!)<br>
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    Another tubular strike planned for 7pm on Sunday 1 July until 7pm Wednesday 4 July (so will have knock on effects on Thursday).  This one affects controllers on the Piccadilly line and the subsurface railway (i.e. District/Metropolitan/Hammersmith and City/Circle).<br><br>And a further work-to-rule (by the same staff) is planned for 8-15 July.<br><br>roy<br><br>[ETA: I wonder how busy the Victoria line will be - if it goes ahead]<br>
  • Victoria Line is supposed to be shut w/e 14-15 July for planned engineering works...wonder if TfL will keep it open in light of WTR?
  • Oh, thanks for the info, vetski - I'd missed that about the Victoria line.<br>
  • Actually, looks like the Victoria line engineering work is only Satruday 14 (not Sunday as well) <br>
  • Looks like the strike and work-to-rule have been called off.<br>
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